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    Avenger MUD Programming Staff 

         This form is to be used if you are applying for a position on the Programming Staff.

       Personal Information

       First Name: 

       Last Name: 

       Immortal Name: 



       ICQ #: 

       AIM Name: 

       Staff Registration Form

       From where did you hear about this application?

   If other/staff member: 

       In what areas do you have experience with muds?

  Area Building
  Design Team

       Have you ever programmed for a mud before?

  No - Please answer Question in marked No area.

  Yes - Please answer Questions in marked Yes area.

        No -   Why not?

        Yes - What mud(s) have you worked on?

                  What code base(s) was/were the mud(s)?

         Do you currently program for a mud?

Yes - For which mud? 


       How proficient are you in Unix/Linux?

       How much experience do you have with the C language?

       Are you willing to learn and be creative in the process?

Yes No

       Are you willing to give your opinions and thoughts while staff?

Yes No

       What do you feel you can bring to this mud?

       In addition, please send a sample of your work to to be reviewed.
          *If you have any references or other things you deem valuable to your hiring,
           send it along with your sample!