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Lady Ishtar

I am evil.
Very evil.
Know and understand this and we shall coexist merrily. ;)

My Personal Statistics:
Real Name: Becki
Birthday: Oct 11, 1979
Char age: You are 1603 years old. (decomposing)
Location: Pittsburgh, PA, USA (Let me know if yer in town!)
Alts: (Currently 27 or something.. but here goes known..)
GIsHTaR, Nija, SMisHTaR, SQuiSHTaR, Lilith, Lilyth, Lylith
(More listed on my website)
Marital Status: Madly in love with a dumb giant. *ogle Tsabrak* We are an item irl, you can look but I'll kill you if you touch. ;) ..Remember I *am* evil.

I am friendly on my good days. :D
I am against astral projection, highly. You want to touch a nerve, there ya go. ;) (Remember tho, I am evil)

My char's have neat descriptions usually....
Also I'm always up for a good quote:
Rai tells the group 'I blame ishtar...she attracts the loons.'
Prosatanos tells you 'just gimme a screwdriver, some bailing wire, a lil duct tape, a small weasel, some old pizza boxes and I can do anything with a car'
(Copycat) rofl do you guys realize that Ishtar's desc alone could get, by my count, 6 characters jailed/
(Mendek) I'm not getting anywhere near gynamede's speedos
Agrestal tells the group 'nah your my sidekick tramp Ish'
A whipped and beaten lawn gnome tends the garden.