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You look at SMisHTaR:
You find SMisHTaR wandering a round room looking for the corner.
Sirl tells the group 'you are my god'
Your mind wanders... .. . . . .
The voices in your head fall silent.
You suddenly feel like you can lick 30 tigers today!
You gain a sense of reality. HAHAHAHA! Yea right!
(Sneak) This person, formerly a man, stands placidly, oblivious.
Sefar> ws hngry s t my vwls *munch*
Athor tells the group 'SMisHTaR's attacks strike A repugnant Orc ghoul 22 times, with terminal brutality!'
Lemartes> Smish was my inspiration for a giant war! :p
Bane tells the group 'timmys trademark acidrainwhennomobsarethere'
Karbast tells the group '<--- brandish bitch'
All your INT are belong to me

Level Hero 134
Age 33 years
Class Warrior
Race Giant
Align Good - Neutral
Hits 2743
Mana 1005
Action Points 1134
Armor Class (nospell) -734
Hit/Dam Roll (nospell) 73/103
Highest Damage Level 40
Monsters Killed 3176
Died 8
Arrests 0
Greatest Skill Smash/Enhanced Damage

Look back at the scroll
Leave your journey for the shelter of the entrance hall