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Never, oh never, did ever I see,
A mage or a 'lady' as Evil as She.
She is pretty, tis true, but looks will deceive.
The story I'll tell you, you'd better believe.

One day when she woke, she headed to Ofcol,
And rounded the children to a fate very awful.
One by one they followed with innocent trust,
Just to end in her griddle, her infamous breakfast.

She chewed on steel nails as she pondered her day,
Then, having hatched a great plan, she set on her way.
She traveled quite far in her quest to do wrong.
She snacked on a puppy. (The travel was long.)

She at last found her quarry, a large addled giant,
And made to bring him to ruin through an evil quite ancient.
She stole away his heart (the big, mean evil hag)
And made him bewitched even down to his rags.

He bought her fine presents, equipment, and gold,
And lavished her with more affection than's told.
And yet she remained aloof, for marriage she'd need,
So she tricked his sister to bug him until he agreed.

He thinks he's well off, but just wait till they wed...
He'll certainly realize the reason she's dread.
Now the poor giant is doomed, forever under her spell,
And the mage continues with worse deeds than I'll tell.

-Gwynevere Rylanar