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You look at Nija:
Before you stands a powerful figure shrouded in darkness and mystery. You catch a glimpse of an almost tan face, but forced to look away as bright violet-blue eyes pierce into your soul.
The hood slides away to reveal a beautiful female face that entrances you as much as her evil grin makes you shudder with fear.
A beautiful voice coming from every corner of the room is saying, 'Never turn your back on a killer...'
Nija continues in vengence of the loss of her mentor, ShAdOwLad.
Nija seeks to one day steal the heart of Battery, and vows to kill all who come in her way.

Nija feels there is a Curse forever upon her.
Battery's Prime *Assassin*
--{@ Princess Chaos @}--

Level Hero 678
Age 97 years
Class Thief/Assassin
Race Duergar/Githyanki/Drow
Align Evil - Neutral
Hits 6242
Mana 1300
Action Points 3880
Armor Class (nospell) -766
Hit/Dam Roll (nospell) 70/100
Highest Damage Level 71
Monsters Killed 7339
Died 27
Arrests 0
Greatest Skill Language/Murder/Backstab/Sleight of Hand

Look back at the scroll
Leave your journey for the shelter of the entrance hall