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You look at Lilyth:
Before you stands a very powerful Troglodyte female. She is Lilyth, one of the three magical sisters that form the Trog Army.
Lilyth is less aggressive in nature than her two sisters and has compassion for all beings, thus she was never one to intentionally hurt another soul. She followed her inner dreams and is now a powerful cleric. Unfortunately following her dreams found more trouble than expected leaving this poor girl sexless.. yet she believes it was well worth the power she has gained.
This trog stands 6'8 with dark green, almost black, scales. Her eyes are of the purest crystal blue beaming extraordinary amounts of wisdom, especially for a trog. Lilyth is truely the most beautiful of the three and perhaps more beautiful than any trog in existance.
Yet her beauty merely masks the power within her.. not only is she skilled in the arts of healing and defense, but naturally she is an amazing fighter for being one of such a passive nature..

Maybe she really is the one legends have rumoured about for many years..

Lilyth asks, 'Got Trog?' {TA}

Level Hero 108
Age 27 years
Class Cleric
Race Troglodyte
Align Good - Neutral
Hits 1263
Mana 1546
Action Points 924
Armor Class (nospell) -746
Hit/Dam Roll (nospell) 70/100
Highest Damage Level 38
Monsters Killed 1464
Died 3
Arrests 0
Greatest Skill Divinity/Invincibility

Look back at the scroll
Leave your journey for the shelter of the entrance hall