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You look at KueiJin:
You glance at a powerful female gnome ranger. Her grey eyes stare up to the heavens and you wonder what she is thinking. She is clad in simple earthly garments and watches her love, Sekhmet, protectively.
Noticing you looking at her, she turns and flashes a smile your way. Odd, she seemed to have fangs, but it may have been the light.. A beautiful voice almost sings to you, 'Hello. I'm KueiJin, and you are?'

--{@ Crimson Ranger @}--

Level Hero 94
Age 33 years
Class Ranger
Race Gnome
Align Good - Neutral
Hits 1534
Mana 1581
Action Points 1993
Armor Class (nospell) -746
Hit/Dam Roll (nospell) 68/98
Highest Damage Level 40
Monsters Killed 1304
Died 15
Arrests 0
Greatest Skill Track/Sandstorm/Forage

Look back at the scroll
Leave your journey for the shelter of the entrance hall