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Lady Ishtar

Lady Ishtar

You look at Ishtar:
A feeling of utter dread overwhelms you as you look upon the demoness Ishtar. Drabbed in garments made from death, blood, and souls of past beings, she reminds you of horrors unmentionable. Yet she is surprisingly beautiful and seductive.. She has fair skin, beautifully long flowing pitch-black hair, and piercing violet-red eyes. Many men give their souls to spend their final night with her and you understand why.. you feel beckoned by her beauty.. her deadly embrace entices you..
It is too late to turn away now, your mind is filled with complete ecstacy as her fangs pierce your skin.. your soul now belongs to her.
Finishing the last delicious drop, she fades back into the shadows to continue wandering the night.

Her tears fell, hitting the ground as Bombor's spirit rose to be with her.
Death was the answer and Life was the reason.
LadyIshtar has found new life and love in the arms of her caring husband Lord Gynamede
Love will be the death.. The death of you.
Death will thank you for your gift.
Another angel, a second, followed, saying,
"Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great, she who made all nations drink the wine of her impure passion."

Lady Ishtar is a noble of the Githyanki. Found misplaced as a baby by Lord Gith, she was taken under his care with his wife. As she grew, she was taught the dark ways of the Githyanki mages even tho she is half-elven. Around when she turned 16 many of the Gish feared her and pleaded for her outcasting. Torn apart from the family she knew, she was cast out of their plane and found refuge in the Midgaardia Plane. She longed to find her real family, but all this lead to was disappointment. One day her true father stepped out from the shadows. She learned why she was misplaced. Her mother, an elven prisoner, had charmed this man.. a Gith knight. He fled the Githyanki ranks to forever be with this woman, but knew they would be hunted down. He had snuck into the palace delivering Ishtar to Lord Gith in hopes that she would be brought up well. Learning that she had been betrayed even tho she was of noble Githyanki descent, she forever vowed to destroy those she once loved.

Her father, given a dark gift of immortality, offered this up to her. Knowing she had to live forever to see the destruction of the Githyanki race, she accepted this gift. She was too young to realize how horrible such a gift could be..

Many years later she joined the ranks of the Githzerai, wanting to study the past of both races. Among the records she found information pertaining to herself. She wept as she had learned it was the Githzerai that scared her people into believing she would be the end of their race in hopes of her joining their side. In rage she lit the castle on fire! Her vow to destroy the Githyanki turned instead to the Githzerai who had selfishly destroyed her happiness. She knew she could never again return to the Githyanki after her slaughters of their kind, so she made her way back to Midgaardia.

Here she once again started a life. Many loves passed away, she watched her children grow. Tears filled her heart as she could not even think of passing this horror that was hers on to a lover so he would stay with her always. In a dark alleyway in the town of New Thalos, she was attacked by a thief. She turned to fight back, instinctively drawing blood from his throat with her fangs.. a fiesty dinner she thought. He was struck in awe by her beauty and helpless by the bliss that flowed over his body from her bite. As she pulled away, she saw his face, falling in love with one such as she, roams the night to steal the life from others. Knowing her fatal kiss was bringing death closer to him, she called out to her spirits to save this gnome. Holding his lifeless body in her arms, she watched the power of her summoned spirits work, bringing color back to his body. Alas, he was no longer "living", but merely his spirit powering his body by her magic.

His name was Bombor. Many happy years passed in their companionship, but to Ishtar's dismay he became tired of being tied with someone. Bombor's powers were growing and he wanted to see the world with them. Silently, as the thief he always was, he snuck out in the night to search the world. Ishtar wept. longing for the one she thought was her soulmate. Day in and day out, she searched, but to no avail. Long after months of attempting to call Bombor back with magic and her spirit connection to him, she began to lose hope.

It was around this time, a young human warrior joined her circle of friends. Always gallant and charming, he took a liking for her, and let her know it. Ishtar never thought she would fall for him, a warrior of the light.. Gynamede. She was a demoness, the exact opposite of him. In her eyes, he radiated like the Gods of good. Maybe she was just in denial, but his laughter and voice alone filled her heart with warmth and love. This was a new feeling, even an indulgence. Without much courting, Gynamede caught her alone one night and proposed for marriage. Marriage?! One of darkness would never think of such a right-path thing to do! But he had her heart.. she could no longer deny this and agreed to his proposal. Not even a week later, they were wed. Ishtar had never felt such bliss and happiness in her life. Again she was truely wanted! Many children were had by the unique couple, but their differences never made it easy. Because of their natures, it was impossible not to corrupt one another. For Ishtar, it had devastating affects.. and confusion. For Gynamede, it made him strong.. he still was a warrior of the light, but by Ishtar, he was given demonic protection. Was this a plan unkown to them, but made by Gynamede's Gods? A plot to destroy the forces of evil? Yes or no, it was happening.

Ishtar prayed to her Gods and Demons for strength, for she loved him, but knew she couldn't let it change her. This may have been her biggest mistake ever, for whom did the Demons call upon but Bombor. He was informed of his lady's marriage, and became enraged. To further this, the darkness played their game on Bombor whispering "Gynamede's" false intent of Ishtar's destruction, further infuriating him. Little did the married couple know, a demon in his own mind was on his way to destroy. And that he did..very very well.
Bombor came full force into Ishtar's life, attempting to destroy her love for Gynamede. Her love was too powerful, she attempted to cast Bombor away to save her happiness. Her attempts were fruitless as Gynamede left her life, never to return again.

To this day she weeps for her husband and continues to protect him from afar. Bombor's spirit relentlessly floats in and out of her life to this day making her vow never to use her special powers on another for love again.

Level Lord 227
Age 1724 years
Class Battle Mage/Necro/Paladin/Psion
Race Githyanki/Elven
Align Evil - Chaotic
Hits 10693
Mana 18244
Action Points 8965
Armor Class (nospell) -1425
Hit/Dam Roll (nospell) X
Highest Damage Level 164
Monsters Killed 26981
Died 232
Arrests 1
Greatest Skill Death Field/Meteor Swarm/Armor Optimization

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