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Lord GIsHTaR

You look at GIsHTaR:
A great warrior stands before you smiling impishly.
Although this warrior looks human, you could swear it isn't.
It's eyes are a deep red and it's skin has a deep yellow hue to it. It's hair is long and white, pulled back as to not get shortened by the whirling blades of it's swords.
The young warrior's name is GIsHTaR. A being of strange and mixed descent. Divine blood mixed with noble blood. It's father, known only to it's mother, was supposively a strong human warrior that, although evil, was looked up to as a god. GIsHTaR's mother was a noble Githyanki daughter, mastered in the arts of the mages. GIsHTaR continues in the path of darkness, aspiring to be as great a warrior as it's father, yet it has deep roots in black magic.
The day it's mother feels GIsHTaR is ready to learn her arts is a day to be feared by..
That day may mean armageddon to the righteous of this realm.
Warrior of Divine Birth {WAR}

It's been trained to Kill.
I mean, KILL.

It wants to see blood and gore and guts and VEINS in its teeth!

Level Lord 32
Age 146 years
Class Warrior
Race Human/Githyanki/Elf
Align Evil - Chaotic
Hits 35789
Mana 3300
Action Points 12358
Armor Class (nospell) -1550
Hit/Dam Roll (nospell) X
Highest Damage Level 154
Monsters Killed 13761
Died 37
Arrests 0
Greatest Skill Defensive Stance

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Look back at the scroll
Leave your journey for the shelter of the entrance hall