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As you peek into the swirling vortex of the portal, you realize it is a unique one!
You can easily change the destination of the portal by choosing one of the following points.

Resource Links:
Avatar Picture Page
Avatar Mortal Informer
Sandgroper's Avatar Page (Dirs/Newbie)*
*most resourceful site my silly little eyes have run across.-CeNedra
Shadows of Avatar: The Rogue Guild
An Unofficial Avatar Map Page
Avatar ICQ Group Page
Selphie's Homepage (ZMud triggers)
Khazaad's Page (EQ)
Akharan & Nyama's Page
Achu's Avatar Page (Dirs/Maps)
Kelklor's Avatar Page (EQ)
Official Avatar Angel Page

Personal Sites of Avatar Players:
DrStrange's Page
WhiteHeat's Page
Drizzt's Homepage
Jaysen's Homepage
Ravenleigh's Homepage
Darkwind's Homepage

Personal Sites of Avatar Immortals:
Ragnarok's Homepage
Kariya's Page
Mega's Homepage
Debonair's Homepage
Chapel's Homepage

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