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Advanced Virtual Adventures Through Alternate Realms

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Welcome as you journey into my A.V.A.T.A.R. page!

As you step through the archway, the world shimmers and comes alive!
In the distance you see a castle. It's so pretty and welcoming,
it is not what you expected to see!
Hungry and tired, you run to the castle doors,
which open up to a large welcoming room.
Inscribed into the marble floor is a message. It must be from the Lady!

Scattered in one corner of the room are a few books. Catching your eye is a book with a leathery red cover, and it's matching Vol. 2 companion.
Maybe if your are still lost, you should read them.

Lying on the floor is a scroll. It looks to be a list of names.
Read it to find out more.

Floating in the center of the room,
a portal swirls to other related dimensions on the web.

Created by Lady Ishtar
All materials used within this page are property of their respective authors.. or something like that.
(Just trying to say thank you in my own little way!)